Top 10 Benefits of Minimalist Living

Those who live in the United States have a very high standard of living, but rank relatively low when it comes to satisfaction. Compared to most other countries, we have larger homes, higher rates of vehicle ownership, and possess more television sets. But obviously, there’s more to life than owning things. More individuals are turning […]

Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety occasionally is an aspect of the human condition. When you’re overly focused on something that troubles you, you may find yourself dwelling on the situation. The next time you’re feeling worried, put these strategies into action: 1. Take part in an activity you enjoy. This is a diversionary tactic that is meant to […]

Top 10 Things to Tell Yourself to Boost Your Confidence

There will likely come a time when you feel confused, unsure, and lacking in self-confidence. It could happen at work, at home with family, or even when you’re with friends or neighbors. Luckily, you can send yourself some messages that will put you back on track. Say these statements to yourself when your confidence is […]