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Self-Authority: What It Means to Believe In Yourself

Nobody but you can be the final authority on your life. If you don’t step up in that role, someone else will try to fill it for you. Empower yourself to stake a claim over your own life. The phrase, “Believe in yourself,” is a common piece of advice. But, what does it really mean? […]

Midlife Crisis: Hold The Hot Rod, Pass the Introspection

How’s this for irony? The term “midlife crisis” was coined by a 48-year-old man. A midlife crisis refers to the tendency of people in early middle age to undergo an emotional exploration of self-identity. Whether this actually occurs or if it was just an idea perpetuated by TV sitcoms is immaterial. One of the most […]

5 Tips for Conquering The Fear of Public Speaking

Many studies have found that a fear of public speaking is the number one fear of people in North America. Even the fear of death comes in second behind public speaking. For some, this fear is something they just have to work through. Maybe they can give the occasional presentation, but it’s an incredibly tense […]

Moving From Inspiration to Action

How many of your great ideas have gone unrealized? It might have been a great idea for an invention, book, or unique business proposal. If there’s one self-criticism that most people have, it’s the inability to take action with any consistency. For example, you might have the inspiration to finally lose weight and get in […]

Lose Weight Faster by Getting a Food Buddy

When it comes to weight loss, we often focus on diet and exercise and forget about the value of social support. Experts report that teaming up with others helps you enjoy the process and lose weight faster. See how a food buddy can help you take off excess pounds and live a healthier life. Benefits […]

Is Minimalism For You?

Minimalism and simplicity are commonly used terms today. Are they the same thing? There are varying degrees of minimalism. Many view minimalism as the modern equivalent of living in a cave and eating berries by a fire, but that isn’t necessarily the case. If you feel like your life is too hectic or lacks meaning, […]

The Modern Rules of Rebound Relationships

A new study suggests that rebound relationships may be healthier than previously thought. However, the headlines ignore a fact that the researchers acknowledge. The study found that people who started new relationships less than 7 months after their old ones broke up said they felt better about themselves compared to those who waited longer. Unfortunately, […]

Follow These Tips to Help Your Child’s Career

Many parents are more involved in their adult children’s careers today compared to previous generations. You’ve probably heard of Take Your Child to Work Days. Now, major companies like Google and LinkedIn offer days when you can bring your parents to work. It’s one way to bridge the digital divide. After all, there are a […]

7 Great Benefits of Being Alone

Perhaps you find yourself spending a lot of time alone. Do you struggle with how to spend that time? Although you have plenty of things you’d like to accomplish, getting focused and staying that way seems to be a challenge when you’re alone. Are you wasting precious, solitary hours that you could be spending more […]